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Today, technology is empowering underwriters with remarkable ways to meet the needs of clients.

The insurance industry has been around for more than 300 years. During that time, there hasn’t been much innovation in insurance — until relatively recently.

Now, decision-makers in the insurance industry are starting to embrace the benefits of innovation. However, many leaders are left wondering how to step up their game.

Furthermore, they’re struggling to keep pace with trends, customer expectations, and emerging risks. Rather than viewing these items as obstacles, however, some firms are using them as an opportunity to reinvent themselves.

To learn more…

What are the best techniques for collaborative idea generation in this new world of self-isolation? Working remotely doesn’t have to spell disaster for your team brainstorm sessions. Here, we look at some of the most effective and fun ways to get those ideas flowing and working together for exciting new innovations.

The enthusiasm shared with your co-workers need not be lost. It serves as fuel for the creation of great projects. This enthusiasm can even be enhanced, if you harness the right pathways. We’re going to look at some unique, helpful, and intriguing ways to add to your team’s success.

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That’s a whole lot of competition! It’s even scarier when you consider how global modern business is, so you also need to look at America, Australia, and every other country in the world when sizing up your competition.

It goes without saying, therefore, that to become successful you need to stand out from the millions (or billions!) of other businesses out there. This is where innovation consulting comes in.

Find out why you need it and how it will help you get ahead in our guide.

What Actually Is Innovation Consulting?

It’s a good idea to learn what innovation consulting actually is before we get…

The average life expectancy of a company is a tenth of what is was in the 1950s, indicative of a faster, more competitive business environment in which those that fail to keep up are simply left behind.

Most companies are launched on the back of product or service that does something different or more effectively than anything else that is available, and so when they begin trading they are the very definition of new thinking.

However, these companies often quickly become defensive as they seek to maintain their customer base and market share, and before you know it these new…

It is a common dilemma faced by CTOs, CIOs, founders, product managers and many more that when thinking about how to bring their idea to life. Should we build it or should we outsource it?

This also isn’t just a one-dimensional question. Do you need a digital strategy or an innovation strategy, an innovation consultant, a software development production house or a digital agency that can do everything? The options are vast.

Of course, no one knows your business and idea better than you but are you internally the best equipped to bring that idea to market and to your…

An overview of what implementing a digital innovative strategy looks like and some ideas and tools to develop a solid and successful one.

Being innovative is a key factor to success. However, innovation and digital transformation is still a challenge for many businesses: according to McKinsey, 84% of executives claim that their success depends on innovation but only 6% of them are satisfied with their digital innovation performance.

This data shows that many companies large and small try to innovate and somehow fail or don’t obtain the results that they have hoped to get.

Why is innovation difficult to create…

In my line of work, I meet many organisations struggling to innovate the way management intended. Most fall prey to the same fundamental mistake — they invest large amounts of money in Digital Transformation projects, hoping for a shower of success that will catapult them to an unassailable market position. Unfortunately, it often leads to underwhelming results.

As James Clear points out in his book, Atomic Habits, success comes not from a once-in-a-lifetime transformation but a continuous process of improvement. The issue with Digital Transformation is that it makes you think otherwise.

The problem with ‘Digital Transformation’

For me, there are two main issues —…

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For companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors, they must invest in customer experience — to not only engage with customers but to also retain them in a loyal long-term relationship. Investing in customer experience will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, which will result in increased customer lifetime value (CLV).
Customer experience has been crowned the most exciting opportunity for businesses in 2020 by Econsultancy’s Annual Digital Trends report. Customer experience even beat content marketing, video marketing and social. …

According to Yotpo’s Survey, 31.7% of respondents are shifting to buying online more than in physical stores; Statista claims that the number of eCommerce users is expected to hit 4.6 billion by 2024. These stats are staggering and both point to the same thing — eCommerce is booming.
So, will eCommerce dominate physical stores? Should companies create new eCommerce businesses to survive?

If you’re thinking about creating an eCommerce platform, keep reading and learn more about which steps you need to take.

1. Analyse the pros and cons of eCommerce

Using a simple “pros” and “cons” list enables to approach decisions objectively, without letting biases influence the final…

“Agile” — a word I try to avoid like fire when talking to our customers.

I try to avoid it because it’s a tainted word and hearing it makes people anxious. The lack of a long-term, detailed plan can be scary. But having a long-term plan gives rise to a false sense that we know exactly what is going to happen in three-six months or a year. I’m yet to see a long term detailed software development plan to result in a successful release on time and on budget.

Understanding the principles and practices of agile methodology will give you…

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